The XE4a Class and it's corresponding XE1n Class booster units are a class of Electric locomotives designed by Johnnie Mcormick at the Eastern & Atlantic's Richmond Works.


While the Eastern & Atlantic's plan for complete electrification was abandoned, the road did still have some use for electric locomotives in high-speed fast freight applications, especially with perishable trains, and some of it's passenger trains. Thus, in 1957, Johnnie Mcormick decided to produce a streamlined electric locomotive that was styled like some diesel locomotives of the day, and even had it's own booster unit. 

The first XE4a Class had a 4 wheel idler truck, as well as two sets of 8 powered axles, and another 4 wheel idler truck at the other end. This was the same on the booster unit as well, and both were powered by overhead wires like most other electric locomotives on the E&A. The class was successful in fast freight trains heading from Miami to Baltimore and New York, as well as some Express trains like the Atlantic Wind from Savannah to Atlanta, which it could make in 4 hours. 50 cab units and 50 booster units were built between 1958 and 1960. 

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