The Wild Comet is a named passenger train run by the E&A between New York and Washington, DC. 


The E&A runs quite a few express trains between Washington and New York, and the Wild Comet was the fastest of them. The train was always the first to receive the latest high-drivered and fastest locomotives, including the first 4F2v10f Class and other similar classes. The train was originally all-pullman cars, but this changed after the Second World War. 

With the introduction of lightweight cars and eight-drivered or duplex locomotives, the train now began to average over 100 mph on every single trip, and the E&A prided itself on this. After breaking the world speed record for steam in 1955, the Wild Comet became one of the most famous trains in the world, and the rolling stock was built to match.

The pre-war rolling stock consisted of 11 cars;

  • Baggage Car
  • Railway Post Office
  • 2 Parlor Cars
  • Dining Car
  • Lounge Car
  • 3 Coach Cars
  • Dining Car
  • Observation Car

However, after the war, the E&A modernized it's equipment. The E&A decided that the Wild Comet would become a double-decker train to increase the passenger capacity. Thus, the new consist consisted of lightweight double-decker cars, except for the baggage and post office cars. 

The post-war rolling stock consisted of 15 cars;

  • Railway Post Office
  • 2 Baggage Cars
  • 2 Double Deck Parlor Cars
  • Double Deck Dining Car
  • Double Deck Dome Car
  • Double Deck Lounge Car
  • 4 Double Deck Coach Cars
  • Double Deck Dome Car
  • Double Deck Dining Car
  • Double Deck Observation Car
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