The 4N6m19f Class is a class of seven-coupled locomotives designed by Conan Diedrich at the Eastern & Atlantic's Charlotte Works.


After the Eastern & Atlantic's electrification plan was decided against, the road needed an even heavier freight locomotive than could be provided by even twelve-coupled locomotives. Though many articulated and duplex locomotives were in service with the road at the time, Conan Diedrich decided that the E&A should pursue a 7-coupled locomotive, him being a fan of huge locomotives. 

This plan was in fact sponsored by the government, who, after hearing of the Soviet's own failed seven-coupled locomotive, decided that the E&A's locomotive would be good propaganda. 

The locomotive that was designed had three cylinders, having a single one in the middle driving the third axle as well as two extremely large cylinders on the outside. They were not low pressure, however, it being a simple locomotive. They were just large because the locomotive's coupling rods were extremely long.

The Eastern & Atlantic had some of the strongest tracks in the world on it's main lines and large branch lines. Thus, they had little problems handling the extremely long rigid wheelbase. The locomotive had to be kept slow around yards, but otherwise was a success. The class was expensive to produce, but were useful on drag freights on relatively flat routes. 35 locomotivse were built between 1954 and 1956. 

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