Every railroad requires a wide range of Maintenance of Way Equipment to keep things running. The E&A was no exception.

Snow EquipmentEdit

In the northern areas of the E&A, snow was a major problem.


Several self propelled, electric or steam, Snowplows were made by the E&A's own shops. The first kind were large, rotary snowplows. They were partly streamlined for high speed service, and had a high cab. They were made in one-sided, two sided, and short two sided versions.

Several Russell Snowplows were made, following the same pattern. They were self propelled as well, either by electricity or steam.


Jordan Spreaders were made as well, but used relatively less often. They were only made in one-sided versions.


Several Cabooses were converted to wing plows. These were ex-PRR N-5 classes.

Maintenance EquipmentEdit

Wrecking CranesEdit

Several Large Wrecking cranes were bought from Bucyrus-Erie, and heavily modified, including a second cab in most versions, below the crane itself, allowing the cranes to be self-propelled. Unpowered versions were also used, with the second cab being used as a crew compartment.

Unique, two boomed cranes were used for heavy accidents. They could not rotate independently, only together. Most were self-propelled.

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