The 2HHm11y Class is a class of Freight locomotives designed by Reginald Thornton at the Eastern & Atlantic's Charlotte works.


The Eastern & Atlantic had many hilly routes in West Virginia, and North Carolina that required double or even triple-heading in the early 20th century. In 1927, after having finished work on the HHe9y Class, Reginald set to work on his new design; a 2-8-8-0, the 2HHm11y Class.

Like most Eastern & Atlantic locomotives, the 2HHm11y Class had Belpaire fireboxes to improve steaming. The class were built from the newly established Charlotte works in 1928-1930, producing 50 locomotives. These were sent to the hilly routes of West Virginia and North Carolina, especially the Mitchell Grade in North Carolina, the Floyd Grade in Virginia and the Spruce Incline in West Virginia.

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