The 2H2k1U Class is the E&A designation for the USRA Light Mikado, 86 of which were acquired in 1919 and a further 40 of which were built at the road's Trenton works. 

History[edit | edit source]

Like every other United States Railroad during World War I, the E&A was run by the United States Railroad Administration. Many locomotives were acquired via Alco and Baldwin, and the E&A had never used the 2-8-2 arrangement, only the 2-8-0. Thus, many light and heavy mikes were acquired by the road.

34 locomotives were built by Alco, with another further 52 built by Baldwin. The first 20 of these locomotives were sent to the to the lines in Eastern North Carolina. 15 more were sent to the Newport News-Richmond line. 30 more of the locomotives were sent to the Pittsburgh area, while another 15 went to the Gulf Coast. The final 6 went to the the New Jersey area.

The Eastern & Atlantic built a further 40 locomotives at the Trenton Works between 1924 and 1927. These went to freight work all over the road.

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